Hotel Terre di Casole**** Casole D'Elsa (SI) Strada Provinciale 27 n4

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"This house is a hotel", .... or the opposite if you prefer. We are an eco-hotel powered entirely by solar panels installed on our property and renewable energies; solar energy and the water system of San Martino in Passiria, TV Sd certified

We created corners where to stay in company, but also by themselves. And everywhere fireplaces, books and music. It is not yet time to go into the house. An open space, simple, where you combine warmth and beauty. Overlooking the valley, immersed in the always hot pool water or waiting for the sunset in the panoramic sauna. We prefer to tell you right now that we can not arrange ski lessons or diving ... But if you want to walk, cycle, run, fly, learn to cook, paint, sculpt, play golf, tennis, go to the spa, harvest, picking olives, spend the night in an old mill waiting for the new oil, arrange a picnic among fireflies and olive trees, get married ... To get married perhaps with a few days notice. Exclusive meeting room in the historic Palazzo Pretorio of Casole d'Elsa, offers the possibility to host business conventions and events up to a maximum of 100 people by tailoring and personalizing spaces and services. A place for rest, warm and intimate. Colors are soft and furnishings are simple. We have no better or worse rooms, we do not "classes". Some are a little bigger, others with a glimpse on the broader landscape, but the real difference is up to you, choosing to open the window directly on the grass, drinking herbal tea on your private terrace, or breathing the smells of our herb garden. The Orto di Casole is not just "a" restaurant; is the inn next to the wood stove in the cooler evenings; the veranda, our winter garden when the sun is shining, but the air is still fresh; the terrace overlooking the valley on summer evenings; is an area of books and games at the end the day. The dishes follow the recipes of tradition and the flow of the seasons. For us it is necessary to "know" what we eat, why we choose only the products of our territory, and we know by name all producers and their companies. Our Osteria to welcome guests from breakfast to light lunch, at dinner, but also external customers who love to come back and visit us to enjoy our meals and try new dishes that we insert in the daily menu. A cuisine based on local and organic products with creativity, ability and passion our chef manages to turn in ever new preparations the legendary dishes such as grilled meat cooked in the fireplace at sight.

Area : Val d Elsa
City : Casole D'Elsa
Tipology : Hotel
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Hotel Terre di Casole****

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