Az.Agr. Abbadia Ardenga Il Poggio MONTALCINO (SI) Via Romana 139

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Abbadia Ardenga was once the abbey of the Vallombrosoni monks, and is now a small locality in Montalcino. It is part of the estate and our vineyards are situated here. It is said that the church was built after a visit from the apostle Paul during his trip from Rome to Pisa. The estates cover hundreds of hectares of land and now bwlong to the Society of Executors of Charitable Funds in Siena. Out of respect for centuries-old traditions, we have not change the estate's production activities. There are currently 15 hectares of olive groves and 10 hectares of wineyards, half of which are registered for the production of Brunello di Montalcino. SOME OUR PRODUCTS BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO Place of origin:vineyards of Abbadia Ardenga. they are situated on the hillside facing Siena of Montalcino. Grape of Choice. Grape:large Sangiovese (Brunello) Color: dark ruby red, going towards garnet with aging. ROSSO DI MONTALCINO Place of origin:vineyards of Abbadia Ardenga. Grape: large Sangiovese Color: dark ruby red. Aroma:distinctive scent, pleasantly fruits and fragrant. OLIO EXTRAVERGINE DI OLIVA Place of origin: From our olive groves of traditional variety in the countryside of Montalcino. Varietes of olive trees: Correggiolo fro the most part, with other local varieties. Color: Ancient Gold. Greenish an opaque during the first months of harvest. Aroma: gentle, distinctive and fragrant scent. AND MORE ANOTHER ...

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Az.Agr. Abbadia Ardenga Il Poggio

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