TERME ANTICA QUERCIOLAIA Rapolano Terme (SI) Via Trieste, 22

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The elegant and functional hot springs’ complex of the Antique Quercioloaia, built in the middle of the ‘800s and recently refurbished, consists of three large pools with different temperatures that are open until late into evening on weekends. A completely equipped, centrally located pool has recently been added. Our services vary from warm and hot baths to the application of healing muds to inhalation treatments to physiokinesis therapies and health rehabilitation programmes: beauty and wellness treatments to meet the special and specific needs of our clientele. Delicious snacks and drinks are served at the bar in the Foyer of the Springs. We invite you to dine at a- la-carte, our restaurant that serves tantalizing cuisine and traditional local foods which have been biologically grown at specially selected farms. Dive into a healthy life Like in the years gone buy, it is from the land and from the waters that life's vital forces are reborn. The interaction and synergy of these two elements lead to a better way of living and lifestyle, invigorating and renewing a profound sense of wellbeing. Here we greatly reinforce our innerselves, the root of our existence and of our lifeforce. Spas and naturally heated pools, body toning muds, massages and complete face/body treatments, lymphodrainage, music therapy and many other types of treatments. At the Antica Querciolaia Spa, we create the foundations that give our clients the strength and energy to face life with a renewed vigor. Because only on solid foundations can one build a healthy body and mind. A regenerating massage Hands that glide gently and softly over your skin and that travel the length of your body, massaging your muscles, soothing your fatigue and reawakening the circulation in your blood vessels. A series of treatments which, thanks to our qualified experts, are complemented by the use of complex and modern equipment. We will do all that we can to help you return to your daily routine in a much more relaxed and healthy state. The thermal treatments are conventioned with the Italian National Health Care System.

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City : Rapolano Terme
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