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The territory of the province of Siena is very wide, from north to south is more than 100 km, and its natural features are varied and change according to the morphology of the soil. The main areas in which they split the province of Siena and also correspond to the topography of the area are:
- The hilly Val D'Elsa in the north-west of Siena,
- Chianti in the north-east of Siena, with green hills covered in vineyards,
- The area of Siena with its rolling hills overlooking the city,
- Val di Merse is famous for the bathrooms in the charming river,
- The Crete Senesi with its beautiful landscapes of wheat fields,
- Val d'Orcia with ancient baths and land prized wines,
- The Val di Chiana with its spa and excellent food .

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